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Since January 2001, Chris and Jeannine Groll have owned and operated what is now known as Groll Family Fitness.  Whether your goals are to improve your health, lose weight, tone up, bulk up, or gain energy, we are here to help you.  Here are some of the services we offer to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

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Our equipment is top of the line from our Strive Smart Strength to our vast variety of cardio equipment.  Come test drive them to see which are your favorites!

  • Strive Strength Circuit

  • Cardio machines such as treadmills, incline trainers, stair master, rowers, and ellipticals 

  • Several tons of free weights with racks, bars, and cages

  • Hoist strength stations  

  • TRX and RIP 360 Suspension trainers

  • Plated machines

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We are confident that we have the best instructors in the valley!  They are certified, creative, motivating and fun!  Our instructors are constantly training to make sure we have the latest classes and trends in the industry and change them up quarterly to prevent boredom and plateaus.  Click the link for the latest classes!

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Meet with our registered dietitian, certified health coaches, athletic trainers and certified personal trainers to customize a plan for you!  Prevent and help heal injuries with correct lifting techniques and pair it with the perfect nutrition program for the best results.  

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Every membership includes unlimited access to the our hot rock sauna and discounts to our tanning bed. Call us for prices and more information. 

Tanning memberships also available for unlimited tanning year round!

*Park in our lighted off street parking. Our facility also has includes day use lockers, men and women's room with  private showers.


Take your health to the next level with our amazing additional services and packages. 

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Personal Training

Invest in your health!  It is worth having our certified personal trainers demonstrate the correct lifting technique, show you how to use the equipment, and set up a workout plan designed to reach your goals.   This will help you prevent injuries and get you started on the right path.  Packages available for as low as $25 a session. 


Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Resistance (BFR) training is the latest and greatest in the fitness and health industry!  Help heal your body, build strength, burn calories, build strong bones and increase endurance in less than 20 minutes a day!  Contact our certified BFR trainers today!

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Athletic Training

Perfect for those rehabbing from injuries or with limiting conditions.  Amy can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Assessments

  • Custom fitness plan

  • Manual treatment such as massage and or taping if required.

  • Accountability check in

  • Personal training sessions

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Nutrition Consult

Our Registered Dietitian  and Certified Health Coach can identify your energy needs and provide a customized plan to fit your needs.  Jeannine can provide medical nutrition therapy for health conditions such as diabetes or specialized meal plans for weight loss and heart health.


Body Composition Testing

Track your progress with the latest technology in the industry!  Our 3-D Styku Body Scanner will measure inches, muscle, fat, water, and much more.  Find our what your body needs for calories based on your own metabolic rate.  Cost is only $20 for members.

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Health Coaching

Our certified health coaches

take you on a guided health

journey based on your desired

goals.  Transform you health with the best and most experienced coaches in the valley!

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