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Meet the Team

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"I’ve been going to Groll Family Fitness for a long time! I enjoy going because I love their classes and instructors. They make it fun! I like that they change classes so it’s never boring!! And I love their music! I would suggest you give it a try! You won’t regret it"

- Silvia W. 

"I love Groll Family Fitness. it's super clean. location is so convenient. Rates are great. they have clean music playing and the instructors are the best. I especially love the 5:30am class line up!"        - Brenna K.

Contact Us

At Groll Family Fitness, we are here to support every 'body' on their

personal fitness journey. Whether you're looking to stay toned, shed

some weight, or keep up with the grandkids, we are here to support

your progress. Feel free to text us with any questions you may have.

Be sure to ask us about our free week long guest membership pass! 

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