"Regain your life back. Regain your health back. I'ts never too late!"

Tammy- 140 Pounds

In 2011 Tammy started her journey to getttng healthy and lost 140 pounds. She has maintained that weight for six years. She is paying it forward by working as a health coach & personal trainer for GFF/got health.


"I can run around with my grandson now. I never would have been able to before." 

Laura - 50 Pounds and Counting 

"I no longer need my diabetes meds, and I also joined the gym. Before, I was too embarrassed to exercise in front of others.


The main difference is I feel so much better. I have more energy. I am more confident with myself."


Kris- 30 Pounds and Counting

"I feel amazing! I have learned how to eat healthier with healthy habits that I learned from this program. I have been maintaining my weight by eating healthier and by keeping in touch with my coach."

Debbie - 50 Pounds and Counting 

"I now take time for myself and for healthy activities such as healthy eating, biking, and I have released 50 pounds! I love that I am finally doing something for ME. I have implemented new Healthy Habits that have changed my mindset and I can now control what I eat. I feel good when I make healthy choices."

Julie ~ 118 pounds and counting


  • I can now Kayak!

  • I have completed my first marathon instead of watching one!

  • I get to be alive and active while my 8 year old daughter grows up!

Diane ~ 120 pounds and counting


  • ​I no longer have type 2 diabetes!

  • I can now do what I want to do!

  • I love helping people discover their optimal health!

Melissa ~ 50 pounds and counting


  • I can now run!

  • I no longer wear plus sizes!

  • I LOVE shopping again!

  • I can keep up with my young kids!

Bart ~ 90 pounds and counting


  • ​I can sleep all throught the night!

  • I no longer need knee surgery!

  • I no longer have back pain!

Marie ~ 20 pounds and counting


  • ​I can hike without getting winded!

  • I can fit into pre kid clothes!

  • I can keep up with my kids!

  • I was taught portion control!

Holly ~ 141 pounds and counting


  • ​I can now keep up with my kids!

  • I have learned how to continue eating for the rest of my life, and it's easy to do!

  • I have more self confidence!

  • I'm HAPPY!!